There is a huge demand for Cloud Architect. You may wonder what Cloud Architects do? Well, a Cloud Architect is accountable for transforming the technical requirements of a project into the design and architecture which will guide the eventual product. 

Microsoft Microsoft Azure Architect Certification:

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This certification makes sure the candidates must have advanced level expertise and understanding of diverse aspects of IT operations. The same includes identity, security, networking, virtualisation, disaster recovery, data management, business continuity, management of resources, and governance. The candidates should be experts in Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps. Moreover, they must hold expert-level skills in a minimum of one of these domains. 

A seasoned software architect possessing sound knowledge of Microsoft Azure is eligible to become an Azure Architect. Also, the one who has already created deployed, and managed various Azure applications and services is also eligible. After completing this certification, the candidates gain expertise in computing, networking, storage, and security. Hence, they can effectively design solutions that operate on Azure.

How to earn this Certification?

Microsoft provides two exams to earn Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. When you pass both the exams i.e. AZ-300 and AZ-301, you will earn the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Any candidate willing to become Azure cloud architects can go for these exams. He/she should have a general knowledge of IT architecture.

1. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-300 Exam):

The AZ-300 exam is designed to test your knowledge in 5 key subject areas. They are as below:

  • Deploying and configuring Azure infrastructure
  • Implementation of workloads and security on Azure
  • Creating and deploying apps on Azure
  • Implementation of Azure authentication and secure data
  • Development for the cloud

The learning path is accordingly structured so that candidates find it easy to learn all vital concepts. The course begins with the deployment and configuration of Azure infrastructure. It is the largest section and it encompasses a huge range of topics like storage, networking, virtual machines, and Azure Active Directory. 

As you proceed, you will learn how to execute workloads and security. Moreover, you will learn how to build and deploy apps with the help of Azure Container Service or Azure App Service. You will also learn how to effectively deploy authentication and encryption with the help of Best Azure Training. The concluding sections cover the way to develop for the cloud using autoscaling as well as messaging.

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Learning Flow of AZ-300 exam:

  • Introduction to AZ-300 Exam Preparation
  • Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines
  • Advanced VM Management in Azure
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager
  • Overview of Azure Storage
  • Introduction to Azure Virtual Networking
  • Design of an Azure Network Implementation
  • Managing Connectivity with Azure Network Watcher
  • Implementation of Azure Network Security
  • Management of Role-Based Access Control on Azure
  • Evaluating Resource Utilization on Azure
  • Designing for Azure Identity Management
  • Implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication on Azure
  • Implementation of Azure Backups
  • Migrating Servers to Azure
  • Designing an Azure Complete Infrastructure
  • Configuring Serverless Computing on Azure
  • Introduction to Azure App Service
  • Deploying and Monitoring Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Designing Azure Solutions Using Platform Service
  • Introduction to Azure Storage Solutions
  • Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB

2. Designing Microsoft Azure Architecture Design (AZ-301 Exam):

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The AZ-301 exam tests your knowledge in 6 key subject areas as below:

  • Determine workload requirements
  • Design for identity and security
  • Design a business continuity strategy
  • Design a data platform solution
  • Design for deployment, migration, and integration
  • Design an infrastructure strategy

Generally, candidates appearing for this exam are Azure Solution Architects who counsel stakeholders. They interpret business requirements into scalable, reliable, and secure solutions.  When you successfully complete this exam, you can manage how decisions in every area influence an overall solution. 

Learning Flow of AZ-300 exam:

  • Introduction to AZ-301 Exam Preparation
  • Optimization of Azure Costs
  • Designing for Azure Operations
  • Management of Azure Subscriptions and Resource Groups
  • Designing for Azure Identity Management
  • Designing an Azure Data Implementation
  • Overview of Azure Storage
  • Designing Data Flows in Azure
  • Designing an Azure Complete Infrastructure
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager
  • Migrating Services to Azure
  • Designing an Azure Network Implementation

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